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Security Policy

Banco Sabadell Empresas has incorporated the most advanced security technology, together with a series of supplementary measures to ensure the confidentiality of transactions. For this purpose, the User must meet the following conditions:

  • In general: the User must have the devices and elements which are the "system requirements" referred to on the pages of the Portal and, for security reasons, the latest browser versions. The User is expressly warned that he/she must not leave the computer unattended when operating via the Portal.
  • Banco de Sabadell, S.A. reserves the right to adopt all the security standards and measures it considers appropriate to ensure proper use and confidentiality of the service. The User authorizes Banco de Sabadell, S.A. not to execute the requests or orders received when the identification is incorrect or there is reasonable doubt as to the identity of the person issuing them.
  • The User irrevocably authorises Banco de Sabadell, S.A. to record and file the communications and transactions performed via the Portal.
  • It is well known that a PC can be infected by a computer virus via diskettes or simply by browsing the Internet. The User must install a virus detector in their PC which runs every time the computer is started and the detector must be updated and backup copies made frequently of the files contained on the User’s computer.
  • Banco de Sabadell, S.A. does not guarantee or control the absence of viruses or other service elements provided by third parties via the Portal (files; mails; electronic documents; etc.), nor can it guarantee or take any liability for any alterations or defects which may occur in the User’s computer system due to a computer virus or damaging element which has infected the computer or been transmitted by a third part via the Portal.
  • The User must act prudently when visiting unknown websites, and take care when invited to download files and programs from the network. A virus is simply a program created to cause problems in the information stored or the PC itself. The User shall attempt not to store on their PC programs whose origin is unknown.
  • BS Online: Users who are also customers of the BS Online service must adopt the necessary measures to duly safeguard the personal identification elements of the service and to immediately use the service suspension or blocking systems provided for that purpose. They are recommended not to type or use these identification elements on computers in public places or locations where the communications or third party access to the codes may occur.
  • Neither should they note down the secret number of access codes on any document or object which the User keeps or carries or together with cards of digital identification, and are expressly warned that if they choose or voluntarily modify the codes, it is inadvisable to choose a number associated with their personal details, as these can be easily predicted or guessed (date of birth, telephone nº or similar).