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Loans and credits

Why wait until tomorrow when you can do it today?
We help you to make your dreams come true. Big ones and small ones!
The most requested
Préstamo Expansión

To undertake a project, to purchase that thing you’ve been wanting so much... and for many other things!

Sabadell Loan

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Línea Expansión

To cover extra and unexpected costs... or for whatever you need.

Sabadell Credit Line

  • Up to 5,000 euros. Immediate payment into your account.
  • Activate it 100% online, without visiting your branch.

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A loan will be useful for...
checkAvoiding using your savings.
Taking out a loan enables you to achieve your goals without having to touch your savings to make your dreams come true.
check Getting what you want.
With a personal loan, your plans don’t have to wait, as you receive the money all at once. You can also plan to return it in regular instalments.
Why choose us to apply for your loan?
An agile response to your request.
Because of our experience:
More than 130 years’ history behind us!
Because we’re more than 7 million customers and we’re still growing.
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