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SIN Card

Your purchases in 3 monthly instalments (Interest rate 0%, APR: 7,43% / 47,60%)1

Visa SIN
With this card, shopping is much easier:
Instalmet paymentLarge payments become small
You buy between €50 and €3,000 on the spot but you pay in 3 monthly installments.
SecurityYour purchases are insured
during 90 days after the shopping.
CardThe card is totally free
Sense comissió d’emissió ni de manteniment.

Only a 12 euro fee (4 euros a month) will be applied for each purchase made for management expenses (APR: 7.43% / 47.60%)1.

What’s more, with your SIN card …

ShoppingSYou can shop from your mobile phone with Sabadell Wallet, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
MòbilYou can order, switch on and off and even block this with your mobile phone from the Sabadell Wallet app.

And that’s not all, because your card is more than insured!

  • Shopping Protection Insurance, with up to 3000 euros if your purchase undergoes damage, is stolen or lost, for the 90 days after buying the item.

  • Insurance in everyday accidents, with cover of up to 6000 euros.

  • Accident insurance for travel by public transport, with cover from 120,000 euros.

  • Card protection service, including cover against fraud. If you need help you have telephone number +34 935 202 910 at your disposal 24 hours a day.

MARIA already knows when to use it:

She has bought a new computer for 975 euros and paid for this with her SIN CARD (APR: 7.43% / 47.60%)1. That means she’ll be paying for this in three instalments of 325 euros plus 4 euros management expenses fee each month (APR: 7.62%). In the end she will spend a total sum of 987 euros on her new computer, with all the convenience meant by paying for this in three months.

1 Examples:

Example for a purchase worth 1000 euros. No interest NIR 0%. The 12 euro fee is split over three months.
7.43% APR calculated for a purchase made on the first day of the month. Two monthly repayments of 337.33 euros and one repayment of 337.34 euros. Total amount due: 1012 euros (including the fee).
Example for a purchase worth 180 euros No interest NIR 0%. The 12 euro fee is split over three months.
47.60% APR calculated for a purchase made on the first day of the month. Three monthly repayments of 64 euros. Total amount due: 192 euros (including the fee).
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