Sabadell Wallet

If you’ve got a mobile phone, you’ve got money.

The app for paying for purchases with your mobile phone and for sending or receiving money from your contacts.

Sabadell Wallet

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Forget about cash and switch over to Sabadell Wallet!
Discover the advantages of Sabadell Wallet

  • pay with Sabadell Wallet Pay with
    Sabadell Wallet

    You won’t need to carry money.
    Now your mobile is your wallet.

  • logo bizumSend or request
    money with Bizum

    Send of request money from your contacts. Immediately, from mobile to mobile.

  • mobile iconWithdraw cash
    without a card

    Withdraw cash without using your card thanks to Instant Money.


Pay without having to open the app

Just unlock your device and place it near the Contactless PoS until you receive confirmation of payment. Purchase over!

Decide which card to pay with

If you want to pay for something with a different card to the pre-determined one, select it from the carousel of cards at the beginning. And you can always modify the pre-determined card.
cards icon
sticker icon

With a sticker

If you have an iOS device or one without NFC, you’ll need a sticker. It works like any other Contactless card. Just place it near the Contactless PoS to make payment. For greater convenience, place the sticker on the back of your mobile.

Bizum is a service for sending or requesting money from your contacts instantly between Bizum users. As from now, sharing the bill for a dinner or expenses for trips is easier thanks to Bizum.


It’s easy


How does Bizum work?
Expansión Account
Visit Sabadell Wallet and choose the account you’ll use to send and receive money.
Transfer 80 euros
Visit Bizum via Sabadell Wallet and choose the account you’ll use to send and receive money.
Transfer money
Write the amount you want to send . And the money’s transferred, instantly and without charges!
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The Instant Money service lets you withdraw cash at Banco Sabadell ATMS with a code without using a physical card. You or another person can use it!

How do I use Instant Money?

cards icon
Via the Sabadell Wallet app, go to the cards section, choose the card to withdraw the money with and open the Instant Money option.
Select the amount and indicate the mobile number of the recipient who will collect the money from the ATM.
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mobile code icon
The mobile number you entered will receive the code to withdraw the money. Just select the Instant Money option on the ATM, write the code and you’ll get the cash. It’s that easy!

Sabadell Wallet allows you to identify yourself by using your fingerprint (for Apple and Samsung for now).

How do I activate Sabadell Wallet?
  • Mòbil

    Download the app

    Download the app, enter your Banco Sabadell access codes and follow the steps to activate it.

  • Mòbil

    Activate your Digital Signature

    If you are already using the Banco Sabadell app, all you need to do is link to the Digital Signature from Sabadell Wallet. Otherwise, first you need to activate it via the Banco Sabadell app, to sign any operation via Wallet.

  • Mòbil

    Choose the card

    Choose your favourite card to making Contactless payments at merchants or request a sticker if you have an iPhone or a device without NFC technology. And you’re ready to pay!

Pay for your purchases with your mobile and win €1,000
5 €* de regalo

We are holding a draw for 10 gift cards worth €1,000.

Get an entry for every €30 accumulated in purchase with your credit card by paying with Sabadell Wallet until 31 August.
The draw will be held before a notary on 14 September 2017.
The gift card constitutes compensation in kind for personal Income tax purposes under current law. Terms and conditions of the draw. Terms and conditions of the draw.

These are the latest developments of the app

  • fingerprint

    We have implemented fingerprint access for Samsung. And we’re continuing to work to incorporate this type of access for other manufacturers.

  • multiple requests

    Need to collect money for a gift or a barbeque? Now you can send multiple requests from Sabadell Wallet in a single operation.

  • Card

    Display your receipts and customise your payments in instalments to get maximum flexibility. To receive the receipts you need to activate card alerts using the Banco Sabadell app.

  • fingerprint

    New home screen for Android. We’re implementing a new design that includes the Instant Money service for cash withdrawals.

I need more information!
Have any doubts about using Sabadell Wallet? These questions and answers may help:

I'm having problems activating Sabadell Wallet.

I have a Digital Signature but can’t manage to link it with Sabadell Wallet
If you already have a Digital Signature, when you enter Sabadell Wallet for the first time you’ll be asked to link it. To complete this link, you need to enter a signature password at the end of the process. Get it from your Banco Sabadell app and then enter it in Sabadell Wallet.

I don’t have a Digital Signature and don’t know how to activate it If you don’t have a Digital Signature, first you need to open the Banco Sabadell app and complete the activation process in this app, which is your signature vehicle. Once you’ve successfully completed this process, you can return to Wallet to link your signature to this app and continue with the activation process.

I can’t pay with Sabadell Wallet.

A message appears telling me to enter the app
You may have used up all the available number of payments without having to access the app. To continue paying, enter Sabadell Wallet to top up the payment tokens.

May company card doesn’t appear for payments
To make a payment with a company card, the accountholder must be the same as the cardholder.

The PoS does not detect by mobile when using it to pay
On seom mobile devices (e.g. Xiaomi mi5) you may have to make a specific configuration for NFC payments. Check you have selected the following option: Settings >> Network >> More >> Pre-determined wallet >> Select "Use HCE wallet"

They’ve stolen or I’ve lost my mobile.

The Sabadell Wallet cards can be deactivated without affecting the use of the physical cards via the Banco Sabadell app and website or by calling 902 323 000. You can continue to use your cards at ATMs and PoS at any merchant. If you recover your phone, you need to re-configure the cards via the card carousel of the Sabadell Wallet homepage.

If you had a sticker on your mobile, you’ll need to ask for it to be blocked in the same way.

I can’t activate Bizum.

DNI expired
If we do not have an updated copy of your DNI, you can’t complete the Bizum activation. If this is the case, you’ll need to visit a branch to update your data.

I can’t find the password to sign the activation
For security reasons, to complete the registration with Bizum it may sometimes be necessary to enter a password you’ll receive via SMS before sliding to sign. Check your Smartphone’s inbox if you’ve received a message with the password.

The account I want to link doesn’t appear or I get an error message
You can link accounts with Bizum that meet the following conditions: Either/or availability (a single signature required) and particular purpose.
If these answers haven’t solved your doubts or you have other questions that aren’t on the list, see more FAQ here.
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