Sabadell Wallet

If you’ve got a mobile phone, you’ve got money

Sabadell Wallet is the app for paying for purchases with your mobile phone and for sending or receiving money from your contacts.

Download the latest version of Sabadell Wallet from your market and follow the instructions for configuring the service.


Pay using your mobile phone

Sabadell Wallet lets you pay for your purchases with your mobile phone, so no need to carry your wallet with you.

SNo need to even open the app; just unblock your Smartphone and place it on the POST screen for a few seconds until you hear the beep on the POST.

How do I configure Sabadell Wallet to pay with my mobile phone?

Via the app, you configure a predetermined card that allows you to make payments at any establishment with a Contactless POST.

If your Smartphone does not accept Contactless POST payments, ask for a sticker via the app and use it to pay for your purchases.


Sending and receiving money with

Bizum is the new system for sending and receiving money from your contacts, from mobile to mobile, without needing to know bank accounts. It is available for customers of the main Spanish banks.

Splitting a meal, asking for a contribution for a gift or sharing travel costs with friends is as simple now as selecting a contact and entering the amount you want to send or receive.

Bizum is instantaneous because the money travels from account to account in a moment.

Bizum is simple, because it’s integrated with Sabadell Wallet.

Bizum is secure, because it is backed by the main Spanish banks.