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Security recommendations

Tips for your peace of mind

When you use your cards, remember the following recommendations designed for your peace of mind and greater security when using Banco Sabadell debit or credit cards.

  • Sign your card: when you receive your card, sign it immediately. Remember that this offers you greater security in the event of loss or theft. 
  • Memorise your secret number (PIN: Personal Identification Number,) and do not give it to anyone: 
    • Keep your PIN secret, always. 
    • Do not note it down on any document in your wallet, or near the card, and above all not on the card itself. This will prevent it being used by other persons in the event of loss or theft. 
    • Make sure it does not match an easy to discover number. Avoid all numbers directly related to you (car registration, date of birth, Identity card...) 
    • If you do not remember your PIN, you can check via BS Online, BS Mobile or at your branch. 
  • When travelling, remember to always carry more than one card in the event of loss, theft or deterioration of the card (preferably of a different brand Visa, Mastercard, to ensure coverage) 
  • Always adapt the card limit in line with your needs and operations 
  • Set up usage of your cards to operate abroad and over the Internet, at any time and from any place, through BS Online and Sabadell Mobile. (Menu Cards - Configuring Usage).         
     If you detect an irregular operation or one which you did not perform, contact your branch or immediately call one of our 24/hour customer care numbers: 963 085 000               

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