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All the Banco Sabadell cards

Are you looking for a card? We have the one that’s best suited to you.

Indicador de riesgo aplicable a Cuenta Expansión.


Este número es indicativo del riesgo del producto, siendo 1/6 indicativo de menor riesgo y 6/6 de mayor riesgo.

Banco de Sabadell, S.A. se encuentra adherido al Fondo Español de Garantía de Depósitos de Entidades de Crédito. La cantidad máxima garantizada actualmente por el mencionado fondo es de 100.000 euros por depositante.


Put a spin on your shopping

Our cards now have a vertical design. One that’s more innovative and geared towards the needs of a world that never stands still

A wide range of cards. Find yours!
Configure your cards for greater security; for example, you can enable or disable your permits to make purchases online or abroad.

Our cards have a new vertical design.

Why have we made a change to our cards?

To make it easier for you to pay and to enable us to adapt to your mobile.
For greater security; now all your data are on the back.
For more sustainability: they incorporate degradable PVC materials that can reduce their environmental footprint once they’re no longer used.
Use your card with total security.
We explain why it’s secure here.
Looking for an ATM?
Find the one closest to you here.
Cita gestor
Still not sure about which card you need? Ask us.

More information on cards

You can also find out more about our card manufacturers: TAG SYSTEMS
Smart Solutions S.L.U
Calle Madrid, 48 28813
Torres de la Alameda Madrid
Tax ID number: B85681955
Smart Card Solutions
Calle Rufino Gonzalez,
32 28037 Madrid
Tax ID number: A81681884

  • Resumen de productos

    BS Card debit card

    BS Card:       
    The best way of monitoring your expenses, because all purchases are charged immediately.

    More information

    Classic credit card

    Classic card       
    The simplest option for your regular purchases, without having to carry cash and paying at month end.

    More information

    Gold credit card

    Oro Card         
    The card which also offers payment at month end, with greater services and cover. Security and prestige you carry with you.

    More information

    Platinum credit card

    Platinum Card        
    Intended for the most demanding customers, with superior advantages and covers. The luxury of feeling secure, wherever you go. 

    More information

    Prepaid card

    Prepaid Card          
    Discover the easiest and most secure of making all types of purchases with the Banco Sabadell prepaid card. The perfect way to control all your spending because you set the limit.

    Card MasterCard

    More information

    Secure, fast and convenient payments

    Contactless Cards
    The easiest, simplest and, above all, the fastest form of payment


    More information