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We adapt to your pace

Pay for your purchases on credit, as best suits you.

You can make a large or unforeseen expense easier to meet by splitting it into several instalments or by postponing the entire settlement of your credit card.

Split your payments
Split a transaction in your account or a credit card purchase.
From €100.
3 to 24-month terms.
Do it now
Some things can't wait; others can.
The fact is, with Banco Sabadell, it's really easy to postpone your payments:
Buy what you need with your credit card.
Access your private area online.
Find the payment you want to postpone and choose a fixed amount to pay back.
More Advantages
Real time information about your payments and settlements. If you have the Banco Sabadell app, activate your card notifications. You will receive free information in real time so that you can decide more easily which payments you want to postpone.
You can also:

Use your available credit to balance your account

If you need cash in your account at any time, you can transfer it from the available credit on your card. Do it easily and in real time using the app or the web, without paperwork or waiting.

Use your credit card to withdraw cash

Withdraw cash just using your mobile phone

If you are already a customer, customise your payment methods as follows

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