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Advanced technology for your card security

All Banco Sabadell debit and credit cards incorporate a maximum security system thanks to CHIP & PIN technology.
The introduction of the EMV Chip is a major step forward in reducing the risk of fraud, as it includes an advanced method of validation of the holder in operations by encrypting your card details in the electronic device.

Therefore, when making physical purchases, you only need to enter your personal identification number (PIN) to use the card,  so your signature is no longer necessary with EMV Chip cards.

At non-presential payment points - motorways, parking meters and car parks-, the PIN is not requested and it is used in the same way as any other card.
For your Internet purchase, we recommend you use our Secure payment over the Internet service. 

Remember that if you wish to change your current PIN for another number, you can do so easily and swiftly at any Banco Sabadell Group ATM.          
* When using your cards, we advise you always take into account our  Security recommendations

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