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Our pledge to companies

By paying with your credit cards you decide how to pay for your purchases.

Banco Sabadell credit cards allow you to easily modify the type of payment at any time, adapting it to your current financial needs.

Forms of payment

You can apply for one at your branch or by calling 902 323 000 directly. If you prefer, you can also request one directly via our home banking service services, BS Online and BS Móvil.

Pay little by little: You can split purchases over 3 to 24 months.

If you need to finance a higher purchase, without affecting your other card charges, you can request payment in instalments by dividing the amount of the purchase from 3 to 24 monthly instalments. In this way, an unexpected expense will never disrupt your economy.

Pay in instalments: You can pay a % or a fixed sum each month.

Conveniently defer your payments and you’ll know at all times the amount payable with our deferred flat rate payment system.

Choose between:
  • A fixed sum each month
  • A percentage of the debt each month.

The minimum amount is 3% of the outstanding amount, which may not be less than 30 euros.

Pay later.

Change the form of card payment whenever you need to. Even if the monthly settlement has already been charged to your account, you can easily reverse your payments.

Our re/settlement service enables you to defer the debt of your last settlement with the same conditions as payment in instalments.

Transfer the limit available on the card to your account with Instant Cash.

If you want to draw down the limit of your credit card in full or in part, with Instant Cash you can transfer it easily and swiftly.

You can pay that part of the credit limit transferred to your account, if you need to, by using our deferred or instalment payment methods.

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