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Loan for studies and courses

Study without economic concerns


You can finance part or all of your schools studies, university studies, language studies, take a specialisation course or attend a seminar without any economic worries and with everything you might need.

We also help you to finance related expenses (registration fees, material, residence, travel). And with the option of starting to repay on completing the training.

  • Terms and conditions


    Interest rate: 6,50 %1
    APR: 10,80 %2
    Arrangement fee: 2,00 %3
    Assessment fee: 0,00 %
    Compensation for early repayment   0,50 %4


    • Amount: the total cost of the studies. When the cost of the registration fee is less than €15,000, other related expenses such as materials, rent payments can also be financed...
    • Repayment period: up to 10 years (including grace period).
    • Repayment: 12 instalments a year. You can choose to pay only the interest while studying (grace period) over a maximum of 5 years.
    • Drawdowns: If payment of the studies is at the start of each academic year, you can request the loan in several partial amounts of the sum requested. In this way you only pay interest on the capital used.



     1 Interest rate applicable to salaried customers.
    2APR = 10.80% for a total credit amount of 3,000 euros to be repaid in 1 year at a fixed interest rate of a nominal 6.50% and a monthly instalment of 258.89 euros. The last payment is lower in value: 258.87 euros. Total amount outstanding: 3,166.66 euros. The APR calculated includes the arrangement fee of 2.00% (min. 60 euros). Assessment fee of 0%. If a salary, pension or recurring deposit is not made, the applicable interest rate will be 9.50%. APR of 14.18% for an amount of 3,000 euros to be repaid over 1 year at a fixed interest rate of a nominal 9.50% and a monthly instalment of 262.97 euros. Total amount outstanding: 3,216.63 euros. The APR calculated includes the arrangement fee of 2.00% (min. 60 euros). Assessment fee of 0%.
    3 Minimum arrangement fee: €60.
    4Should the period from the repayment date until the loan maturity date exceed 1 year, the applicable compensation is 1%


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    Loan for studies and courses
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      24 hours, every day
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  • Documentation required

    To process your credit for the studies and courses, we only need the following documentation:

    • Nat. ID of the applicant, Passport or Residence Permit. If the holder is a minor, the borrowers will be the parents or guardians.
    • 2 last salary slips of the holder or guarantor (salaried workers).
    • Income Tax statement (last year of the borrower or guarantor).
    • Proof of taking the course, (copy of the registration or pre-registration).).

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