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Payment at your own pace

Shopping Card

Visa Shopping Oro

Buy whatever you need and with the Shopping card, set the amount you wish to pay: Always the same amount or, if you prefer, always the minimum amount. You choose.
Like carrying credit which is always available for immediate use and no fees for full or partial repayment or non-use. And for your peace of mind, our ideal credit card for shopping also carries out free Card Protection service 

Promotion of 5% refund on your purchases

Banco Sabadell refunds 5% of your purchases with your card VISA SHOPPING between 1 Juny to 31 July 2018, whenever the balance spent during the promotional period is a minimum of €500. The maximum discount amount is 30 euros.

*A minimum expenditure on purchases is required of 500 euros accumulated using your Shopping card between 1 Juny to 31 July 2018. The 5% refund is subject to a maximum discount of 30 euros per card and holder during the campaign period, with no early repayment before 31 July 2018. The refund will be credited to your account in August 2018. Incentive subject to withholding under current law.

Examples for a deferred purchase of 6,000 euros (maximum amount available on the card). Nominal annual interest rate: 24.00% (APR: 26.82%). First example: for a period of 28 months, there is a monthly instalment of 288.00 euros during 27 months and a final instalment of 63.40 euros. Total amount outstanding: 7,839.40 euros. Second example: for a period of 12 months, there is a monthly instalment of 567.36 euros during 11 months and a final instalment of 567.33 euros, total amount outstanding: 6,808.29 euros.

Monitor your operations easily

With our ATM network, which also provide cash with the Shopping card ,or via our distance banking services by means of a computer or mobile devices. you can check your card activity or easily handle deposits or transfers, among other options at your disposal  
And you can monitor all your card expenses via a monthly statement of all the operations performed using your card. 

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