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Get money into your current account in an instant!

If you need to increase the balance of your account instantly to meet an unexpected payment or simply to have cash, we offer you the InstantCash®.

How does it work?
It is very simple and fast. Upon request, the bank transfers the credit available from your credit card – or part of it – to your current account. This process is immediate and also is the money.

You can request Instantcash via:

  • BS Online
  • By calling 963 096 600
  • At our branches.
What cards can be used with this service?
InstantCash is available with any credit card issued by the Banco Sabadell Group.

How do I pay it back?
You repay it with the payment option that better suits you. Choose from:

  • Payment at the end of the month of all the money drawndown.
  • Payment in 3 to 24 monthly instalments.
  • Or deferred payment with instalments chosen by you.

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