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ICO Internacional

Banco Sabadell   has subscribed to the ICO Internacional credit line, designed to meet your liquidity requirements and provide the financing you need to invest in projects outside Spain.

  • Features

    Autónomos,Self-employed workers, public and private companies and entities (foundations, NGOs, local government bodies). This includes both businesses registered in Spain and those which are registered abroad but have at least 30% Spanish company capital.

    Investments eligible for financing:

    Up to 100% of the liquidity requirements or requirements for corporate projects carried out outside Spain, with a maximum of 12.5 million euros per client, in one or more transactions.

    Among others:
    • Liquidity requirements such as running costs, payrolls, supplier payments, purchase of merchandise, etc.
    • Technology requirements
    • Acquisition of new or second-hand fixed assets
    • Industrial and passenger vehicles
    • Adjustments and reforms of facilities
    • Acquisition of companies.
    • The creation of businesses abroad

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