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ICO Guarantee SGR / SAECA

Banco Sabadell has subscribed the ICO Guarantee SGR Line / SAECA, aimed at financing investment projects both within and outside national territory and to cover liquidity needs.

  • Features

    Autónomos, Spanish self-employed workers, public and private companies and entities (foundations, NGOs, local government bodies), including both businesses registered in Spain and those which are registered abroad but have at least 30% Spanish company capital and which possess the guarantee of a SGR or SAECA.

     Investments eligible for financing:

    Up to 100% of the liquidity requirements or requirements for corporate projects, with a maximum of 2 million euros per client, in one or more transactions.

    Among others:
    • Liquidity requirements such as running costs, payrolls, supplier payments, purchase of merchandise, etc.
    • Acquisition of new or second-hand fixed assets.
    • Industrial and passenger vehicles.
    • Adjustments and reforms of facilities.
    • Acquisition of companies.
    • The creation of businesses abroad.

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