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I want to enjoy my retirement

Retirement time is usually the beginning of a new stage in life. A new stage which brings with it more time to dedicate to hobbies, the family and leisure. It is a time when you shouldn’t have to worry about anything. Achieving this peace of mind depends on previous planning which permits you to accumulate savings to complement your income at this time. 

In this section we will help you to find the best way to obtain this complement to your pension.


You would like to obtain immediate tax advantages when making the contribution

BS Pension Plans

We have a wide range of pension plans which will cover your needs at all times, from the beginning when you start to look for a more weightier variable interest investment which will bring you maximum yield despite oscillating more due to market trends, to the time closer to your retirement when you prefer more stable investments.

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You would like to obtain immediate tax advantages when making the contribution, as well as a sure and previously established yield

BS Secure Prevision Plan, PPA

As well as enjoying the tax advantages of the pension plans, yield will be guaranteed and will rapidly adapt to market interest rates.

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You would like to save for your retirement but at the same time have your capital available. Or, you do not receive an income from work or economic activities so you cannot take advantage of the tax advantages of pension plans and the secure prevision plan.

BS Systematic Saving Plan, PIAS

As well as guaranteed income and tax advantages when receiving the payments, if you decide to receive them in the form of a lifetime income, you will have complete freedom to use your savings at any time.

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