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Group Retirement Plan

Especially designed to boost the loyalty of your managers and other employees

The Group Retirement Plan is a life insurance-savings plan that can be used to fulfil pension 1 commitments 1 and enables companies to enhance their relations with their managers and other employees by improving their remuneration and savings capacity.


Broad cover:

The Group Retirement Plan offers extensive coverage for managers and other insured employees. In the event of retirement, disability or dependency, the beneficiaries are the insured persons themselves and, in the case of death, the persons designated by them.
Boosts the loyalty of managers and strategic workers:

With the Group Retirement Plan you can offer a certain group of workers specific protection for the contingencies of retirement, disability, dependency and death. This will help to improve your company's image by showing an interest in the safety and well-being of your managers and employees and consequently their families.

An insurance policy adapted to the needs of each company and aimed at the group of employees defined by it, fulfilling the commitments undertaken by the company with its workers as set out in the collective agreement or in other company-worker agreements equivalent to a collective agreement.

How it works

BanSabadell Vida's Group Retirement Plan is a unit-linked life insurance-savings plan with different investment options available, including a life cycle model that invests in two asset portfolios to provide a life cycle scheme adapted to the period of time remaining until the estimated retirement date. Consequently, each employee, depending on their age, is assigned a certain allocation of the assets in which the product is invested, in line with the number of years remaining until the aforementioned date. The investment criteria become increasingly prudent and are gradually adapted as the estimated retirement date approaches, reducing the share of investment in equity and increasing the share in bonds.

In this type of insurance, the insurer does not assume any interest rate risk, financial risk or credit risk for the investment as this risk will be assumed entirely by the policyholder and the insured. The mathematical value of the benefit depends, at all times, on fluctuations in the financial markets which are beyond the control of the insurer and whose historical performance cannot be used as an indication for future performance, as well as on the ability of the counterparty to meet their obligations (credit risk), which may give rise to a loss scenario, there being no minimum value. There is therefore a risk of total or partial loss of the investment.


For the company:

Tax is not deducted until the employee/manager receives the benefit. At that point, the company can deduct the entire premium paid from its corporate income tax.
For the employee: 2

Taxation is deferred until the time the benefit is received. At that point, if the contingency is due to retirement or disability, the benefit received is taxed as income from work in the Personal Income Tax, and, in the event of death, the beneficiary/s will pay inheritance and gift tax.

You can consult more information at any of our branches.

1. This includes commitments arising from the company's legal or contractual obligations towards its employees, contained in a collective agreement or equivalent provision, whose aim is to make contributions related to the contingencies established in accordance with the regulations governing pension plans and funds. In order to undertake these commitments, there must be an employment relationship as provided for in the Workers' Statute, with the condition that this employment relationship must come under Spanish legislation and occur in Spain.

2. As long as the requirements and limits established by current tax regulations are met.

Products can only be taken out by Spanish residents.

Insurance brokered by BanSabadell Mediación, Operador de Banca-Seguros Vinculado del Grupo Banco Sabadell, S.A., Tax Code A-03424223, domiciled at Avda. Óscar Esplá, 37, 03007 Alicante, entered in the Company Register of Alicante and in the Special Administrative Register of Insurance Brokers of the DGSyFP under code OV-0004, acting for BanSabadell Vida, Sociedad Anónima de Seguros y Reaseguros, having taken out civil liability insurance in accordance with the regulations on the distribution of private insurance and reinsurance in force at any time. You can consult the insurance companies with which BanSabadell Mediación has an insurance agency agreement at www.bancosabadell.com/bsmediacion.

Group Retirement Plan and Flexible Group Retirement Plan are life insurance-savings policies of BanSabadell Vida, Sociedad Anónima de Seguros y Reaseguros, subject to the terms and conditions taken out in la policy, with Tax Code A08371908 and registered offices at Calle Isabel Colbrand, 22, 28050 Madrid. Registered in the Company Register of Madrid and in the Registry of Insurance Entities of the DGSyFP under code no. C-0557.

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