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Health Insurance for the Self-Employed

With Self-Employed Health Protection insurance, you have a comprehensive Sanitas health insurance plan with attractive advantages for being a Banco Sabadell customer.

Ask for a simulation tailored to your needs.
Choose the payment method that suits you best: monthly, quarterly or yearly.
Why choose Health Protection for the Self-Employed?
cuadro médico de Sanitas

Because of the Sanitas medical directory

It has an extensive network of own network and affiliated medical facilities with medical, clinical and hospital services from Sanitas.

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance

Surgery and hospitalisation coverage. What's more, it offers a 24-hour emergency service, both in Spain and abroad.

tarifa competitiva

Because of its competitive rate for you and your family

Include your spouse and children under 26 who live with you.

servicios digitales

Video consultations and digital services

Because you can have it all in the Sanitas app: a digital card, authorisations, medical reports, etc.

And remember…

As a self-employed individual you have tax advantages3. The insurance premiums paid for your own coverage and for your spouse and children under the age of 25 who live with you are considered a deductible expense when determining the net income in the direct estimate method used to calculate your personal income tax, with a limit of €500 per year for each insured person.

Benefits of Self-Employed Health Protection
  • 24-hour emergency services. Both in Spain and abroad.
  • More than 50,000 medical professionals at your disposal with its own and affiliated centres with medical, clinical and hospital services from Sanitas.
  • Surgery and hospitalisation coverage.
  • Digital services to make life easier for the self-employed. For example, general medicine video consultations, paediatric care and 24 hour emergency care. And all without the need for an appointment.
  • Include your family in your policy for a competitive price.
Other optional coverage
  • Dental protection. More than 50 services included, such as preventive dentistry, surgeries, orthodontics, etc.
  • Sabadell bluaU. At home medical tests and reimbursement of pharmacy expenses, among many other services.
  • US coverage: The most comprehensive medical care at prestigious US hospitals.
  • University Clinic of Navarre4. Access to the prestigious Navarre University Clinic, to both its centres in Pamplona and in Madrid.
And what does Sabadell bluaU2 include?
  • Digital diagnostics. Biomarkers measured with facial recognition.
  • Digital dermatological diagnoses. Performed through an Artificial Intelligence system.
  • Take care of your mind. Digital psychological service.
  • Monitor your health. Through our devices.
  • Blood testing at home. Available twice a year per insured person.
  • Pharmacy reimbursement. Request the reimbursement for 50% on your medicines (up to €200/year).
Choose the payment method that suits you best
  • WITHOUT co-payment: so you don't have to worry about paying any additional charge to use your health insurance.
  • WITH co-payment: from €3.50 for each medical appointment and €9 for psychology appointments.
  • With reimbursement: you can go to any professional and/or medical facility outside the Sanitas medical directory, with the same scope of insured coverage as in the medical directory, and will be reimbursed up to 80% with a maximum of €200,000 per person per year (with the sub-limits established in the policy), in Spain and abroad.

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