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Firm Commitment Plan

The plan to grow your trust in us with a commitment which also grows:

Focus your trust on those who inspire it and enjoy the exclusive advantages of our insurance promotions.

  • Competitive prices.
  • Policies with the broadest covers, highest compensation limits and most efficient service.
  • Single helpline, operational 24 hours a day. Enjoy the ease of having a single number for all your needs.
  • Advice and facilities for effectively cancelling any policy with another company in due time and form.

If you want to save on your life insurance, car insurance or home insurance, see the duration, conditions and functioning of the Firm Commitment Plan now.

1. Saving via refunds of the equivalent insurance cost in accordance with the conditions of the promotion. 25% of the saving is obtained with 6 or more Life Care, Home Protection and/or Car Protection policies and materialises at the time of renewing the existing policies or purchasing new ones. The maximum amount to be refunded is 400 euros. This promotion is valid for customers with an Expansión Account or Expansión Negocios Account. See the duration, conditions and functioning of the Firm Commitment Plan on the grupbancsabadell.com website or your branch.

2. Life Care is life insurance from BanSabadell Vida, Sociedad Anónima de Seguros y Reaseguros. Home Protection is insurance from BanSabadell Seguros Generales, Sociedad Anónima de Seguros y Reaseguros. Car Protection is a policy from /Zurich Motor Pack, Zurich Insurance plc., branch in Spain. The three policies are distributed by Banco de Sabadell, S.A. Banco Urquijo Sabadell Banca Privada, S.A and Banco Guipuzcoano, S.A subject to the terms and conditions contained in the policy. Bansabadell Vida, Sociedad Anónima de Seguros y Reaseguros, with Tax ID. A08371908 and registered offices in calle Isabel Colbrand, 22, 28050 Madrid. Registered with the Companies Register of Madrid and the Registry of Insurance Companies of the DGSyFP under code C-0557. BanSabadell Seguros Generales, S.A. de Seguros y Reaseguros, with tax I.D. A64194590 and registered office in Calle Isabel Colbrand, 22, 28050 Madrid, registered in Madrid Companies Register and in the Register of Insurance Entities of the DGS and FP, with code C-0767. and Zurich Insurance plc. Branch in Spain, holder of Tax ID. W0072130H and registered offices in calle Agustín de Foxá, 27, 28036 Madrid. Registered with the Companies Register of Madrid and the Registry of Insurance Companies of the DGSyFP under code E-0189, have signed a network assignment agreement to market via the agency network of BanSabadell Seguros Generales the Car Protection/Zurich Motor Pack policy.  Banco de Sabadell, S.A. with Tax ID No. A-08000143 and registered offices in Avda. Óscar Esplá, 37, 03007 Alicante. Registered in the Companies Register of Alicante, Volume 4070, Folio 1, Page A-156980, is the Exclusive Bancassurance Operator of BanSabadell Seguros Generales and BanSabadell Sabadell and is registered with the Special Administrative Registry of Insurance Brokers under number C-0557A08000143.

  • Advantages and Services

    Peace of mind

    The range of Life, Home and Car Protection policies brought to your by Banco Sabadell Group guarantees broad coverage and quality service. There are no surprises; just the commitment to honour processing periods.


    In addition to competitive prices, you will benefit from percentage refunds of the equivalent cost of your Life Care, Life Care Personal, Life Care Premium, Home Protection and Car Protection/Zurich Motor Pack insurance in accordance with those you have purchased. All the insurance policies carried by any family member(*) are taken into account, provided the charge account is the same:

    With 2 policies: 5% refund.
    With 3 policies: 10% refund.
    With 4 policies: 15% refund.
    With 5 policies: 20% refund.
    With 6 or more policies: 25% refund.

    (*) “Family member” shall be deemed to be any holder or authorised agent of the Expansión Account or Expansión Negocios Account of the Banco Sabadell Group who has the premium of the main and supplementary policies direct debited from said accounts, whether or not family-related.

    Single helpline, 24 hours a day.

    For those cases in which you need to use your policies, for maximum ease and efficiency, you have a single 24-hour helpline or for any matters relating to your policies from declaring a loss in the home, requesting road-side assistance or making a query about your life insurance.

    Advice on changing company

    We advise you on how to effectively cancel in due time and form any insurance policy you may have with another Company and which you have decided not to renew and to purchase it via the Banco Sabadell Group.

    Your Insurance Statements

    We offer you the most important information on your main and supplementary family policies held with the Banco Sabadell Group so you can easily and swiftly assess if your level of protection is sufficient or whether it needs increasing.

    Apply now...
    • By Internet

    • By visiting our branches

  • FAQs

    What is the Firm Commitment Plan?

    It is a series of economic advantages and exclusive services for the Expansión and Expansión Negocios Accounts, which are offered free of charge for purchasing private protection policies.

    How does it work?

    Firm Commitment Plan is automatically associated with the Expansión Account / Expansión Negocios Account with the purchase of the first policy, grouping all the policies of its holders and/or authorised persons. The more policies in effect, the greater the refund of the premiums in the Expansión Account / Expansión Negocios Account.

    How much can I save with the Firm Commitment Plan?

    Up to 25% saving on all the premiums for Life Care, Home Protection and Car/Motorcycle Protection with a maximum of 400 euros a year.

    What policies offer advantages with the Firm Commitment Plan?

    All the Protection policies for individuals: Life Care (and its different types) Home Protection, Car/Motorcycle Protection, Accident insurance and those associated with loans or credit (Constant Capital Life Protection, Comprehensive Life Protection and Total Payment Protection).

    What policies are eligible for a refund of the premiums?

    Life Care (and its different types), Home Protection, Car/Motorcycle Protection. The rest help to increase the percentage table or trigger the payment of the refunds of premiums into the Account.

    Do the premium refund percentages apply to ALL the policies eligible for a refund?

    YES. The premium refund percentages are accumulative. If a customer has 2 policies, he receives a 5% refund on the premiums. But if he purchases a third policy, this will give rise to a 10% refund and upon expiry of the 3 it will also generate a 10% refund instead of the 5% he already had.
    What happens if a customer cancels one of his Firm Commitment Plan policies?

    The cancellation of a policy reduces the percentage scale of the premium refund. For example, if a customer has three policies and does not renew one upon expiry, the premium refund percentage accumulated will fall from 10% to 5%.

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