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Entrust your investment to a team of professionals

Discover our discretional management service of BS Fondos Gran Selección portfolios

Fondos Gran Selección
  • In accordance with your risk profile and expectations of return, choose between the 5 investment strategies that best suit you.
  • Our team of professionals decide and manage where to invest your money so you don’t have to worry.
  • Recoup your investment in whole or in part, without any type of penalty
    as from the sixth month.

What is BS Fondos Gran Selección?

It is our discretional portfolio management service. This means you delegate the decision of how to invest your money to our team of professionals which they do in accordance with your risk profile. In other words, it means entrusting your investment to a team of experts with over 30 years experience, so you don’t have to worry.

How can I know whether this type of fund suits me?

  • If you want to entrust the investment decisions to a team of professionals so as not to worry.
  • If you want to recoup your investment in full or in part whenever you want. Bear in mind there is a 2% commission if the fund cancelled or surrendered before the first month or 1% if before the first 6 months. Withdrawing the money before the recommended time horizon may increase the risk of losing capital
  • If you would like to closely follow the situation of your investment. Every month we send you a summary of the situation of your investment, the transactions and the results you’re obtaining.
These funds are registered with the CNMV
See the prospectus. The prospectus with the Basic Information for the investor (KID) and the periodic reports are at the public's disposal at the distributing offices and at sabadellassetmanagement.com. Management company: Sabadell Asset Management, S.A., S.G.I.I.C., Sociedad Unipersonal. CNMV Register no. 58. Depositary: Banco de Sabadell, S.A. CNMV Registry no. 32.
About BS Gran Selección investments
The investments are subject to market fluctuations and other risks inherent to investment in securities and in other financial instruments, and therefore the acquisition value and rates of return obtained may undergo variations both upward and downward and it is possible the investor will not recover the amount invested.

Strategy Selección 10

Strategy Selección 25

Strategy Selección 50

Strategy Selección 75

Strategy Selección 90


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