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Personalised help

Personalised help

At Private Banking, we are available to attend to your queries and provide you with any information you may need.
Send us your request directly over the Internet and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you wish, you may also contact our team of Private Banking Directors by calling the following number:  +34 935 202 910  .

  • This is a life-savings insurance comprised of different investment options, amongst which customers can distribute their investment in accordance with their profitability goals and the risk level that they are willing to assume. Transfers can be carried out between them at any time with no fees for changing investment options.

    Investment options:

    • Ibersecurities BS Cartera 5 Valores Nacional

      Invests in five Spanish securities (mainly from the IBEX 35) with high appreciation potential in the short term. It will be complemented with other domestic securities with appreciation potential in the medium term or with securities from the European stock rkets.

    • Ibersecurities BS Cartera Alta Rentabilidad

      Invests in five securities from the Spanish stock market with high profitability per dividend . It is complemented with other securities that are also considered to have a high potential of return for the shareholder, taking advantage of opportunities from small and medium-sized companies, or with securities from European stock markets.

    • Ibersecurities BS Cartera Modelo Nacional

      Invests in the best securities from the Spanish stock market. It is comprised of around 20 or 25 securities, with appreciation potential in the medium term, taking advantage of opportunities from small and medium-sized companies. Its reference index is the IBEX 35, which it has surpassed since 26 February 1996. The position invested in equity is always 100% of the portfolio.