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Confirming (reverse Factoring)

Manage your payments to suppliers, improving your position and facilitating financing

BS Confirming (Reverse Factoring) is a supplier payments management service that allows the company to delegate the payments function to Banco Sabadell. As the invoices to be paid are endorsed by the client, the bank informs the suppliers that it has instructions to make the payment on the due date, offering them, at the same time, financing without recourse of the said payments.

  • Solutions
    What are your needs?
    • Improve payment conditions offered by your suppliers
    • Reinforce your positioning in relation to your suppliers
    • Reduction of administration costs
    How can we help you?

    • Externalisation of the payments function in your company
    • We help you make available to your suppliers a highly competitive source of financing without recourse, which also offers you the opportunity to reconsider terms for your supplier payments
    • Consultations and operations via the Internet through BS Companies Online
    • If your supplier applies prompt payment discounts, the payment is made to the supplier for the net amount, effecting the debit in the ordering client’s account on the original due date, with the financial cost charged to your account (BS Confirming Prompt Payment)
    and we offer your supplier:
    • Optional non-recourse financing
    • Improvement in solvency, indebtedness and payment term ratios
    • Permanent and instant access to BS Companies Online using the Internet Confirmiline service
    • Different options for requesting the advancement of payments

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