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Forfaiting consists of the non-recourse purchase of rights to certain, liquid and callable collection rights, in the medium and long term, usually derived from documentary credits, banking guarantees and exchange instruments.

  • Solutions
    What are your needs?
    • Improve your cash flow, based on your medium and long-term collection rights
    • Improve your company’s balance sheet and its solvency ratio
    • Eliminate the risk of non-payment and, where applicable, of fluctuations in interest rates and foreign exchange
    • Eliminate administration and collections management costs
    How can we help you?

    • Non-recourse purchase of:
      • Bills of exchange and promissory notes “to order”, with or without a banker’s guarantee
      • “Not-to-order” promissory notes, with banker’s guarantee
      • Payment commitments covered by banking guarantees
      • Export documentary credits (used without reservations)
    • Minimal documentation required
    • 100% financing with highly competitive interest rates
    Forfaiting allows you to immediately convert into cash your medium and long term deferred payment credits and operations. Therefore, it is an interesting option for your company if its portfolio contains documentary credits, bills of exchange or promissory notes of already formalised operations and also if it is in the negotiation phase of term operations that positively value the inclusion of financing..

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