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I have had my card data stolen

Please call 902323000 (from Spain) or +34 902343999 (from abroad) to get personal assistance from a manager at the bank. You can also block your credit or debit card directly from here.

If you have had data on your card stolen, have been the victim of phishing or think that the card data has been duplicated, call us to let us know what has happened. It is important for you to block the affected cards. We can do this ourselves when you call us or you can also do this yourself by means of the “Block card” button to cancel the affected card or cards. You can see the button at the home section of this page and before proceeding to cancel the card/s you must access the customer area of the Banco Sabadell web or app with your credentials.

What is phishing?

Phishing is a practice used by cyber criminals consisting in committing fraud by stealing bank data of credit or debit cards. Cyber criminals usually steal passwords or other confidential information to be able to access other people’s bank accounts. The commonest frauds consist in creating false pages and/or portals, and falsifying the source of electronic mail messages (although they may also use SMS, fax or telephone).

These two techniques are used for fraudulently obtaining passwords for third parties’ services and applications or other confidential information, such as account numbers and cards (including the expiry date) in order to access your information or perform operations in your name. Please bear in mind that Banco Sabadell will never ask you to give your bank details or access codes through a link.

Will I be given another card?

When you block one of your cards we automatically send you a new card to your home address or branch, as your prefer, with no need to sign another contract. Before using this for the first time you must activate this at an ATM cash machine or by calling 963 085 000.

Do you need cash urgently and have no cards?

With the Sabadell Wallet app you can use Instant Money, a service allowing you to withdraw cash from Banco Sabadell ATMs with no need to use your card. You will only need your mobile, in which you will receive an SMS with a code to enter in your ATM cash machine to be able to withdraw cash

How can you avoid becoming a victim of this fraud?

You can implement certain practices in your daily operations to keep your data safe from cyber criminals. Apply these recommendations:

- Change the PIN of your card and your access password for your electronic banking regularly.
- Never write down your codes.
- Never give your user name and password (or other personal data) when you are asked for these via SMS, e-mail, etc.
- Remember the last date and time when you accessed your electronic bank.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that you have telephone 963 085 000 at your disposal 24h a day every day of the year with a team of persons specialising in solving emergency situations.

I need to contact the bank urgently