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What is Personal Banking?

Banco Sabadell  Personal Banking is based on four mainstays whose sole and exclusive aim is to satisfy the needs of our clients: effective customer management, personal treatment, exclusive products and the highest quality that you deserve.

Since we know that it is of the utmost importance for you to receive an exclusive and customised treatment, we assign you an a Personal Banking manager who is available at all times to offer you advice on financial and tax matters, as well as up-to-the-minute information on the stock market situation. You will also receive investment recommendations in our newsletter, and many other distinguishing services and products.


Customer management

At Banco Sabadell Personal Banking we will guide you to making the best investment and financing decision.

"Not only are we financial experts, but we are also good communicators and can understand the needs and preferences of our customer, offering only that which best suits their financial personality”


An highly qualified personal banking manager, with investment expertise, will advise you and recommend, through a Personalised Investment Proposal,  the best  options in line with your investor profile so you can take advantage of the investment opportunities based on market trends and performance.


“Quality is not a coincidence, it is the result of effort and efficiency"
We know that today’s financial needs are increasingly sophisticated and demanding. Not only do we offer the products and services that best suit the needs of our customers, but we also ensure the best quality for you.
We are moving at the same pace as you, we are a flexible entity that adapts itself to the market and to the demands of the moment. Furthermore, you will always obtain our most solid commitment in the decisions you agree on with us.
Special products and services


"The objective is for our customers to make the most of their money thanks to our experts”
We work each day to offer our customers a distinguished product suited to their needs. Our aim is to offer those products and services with the best yield, both in terms of investments and in financing, adapting ourselves to the risk preferences and profile.


Personal treatment

"Flexible, transparent and sincere management is the key to efficient, long-lasting work with our customers…"

At Banco Sabadell Personal Banking we know that each of our customers is different and this is why our basic mainstays are offering personalised management services, communicating with our customers, and empathising with their needs.

What is more, our customers avail of a personal 24-hour helpline where they can make any queries the require: 902.107.548.

Our personal and professional treatment guarantees you the greatest discretion and confidence.