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Kelvin Retail

Remote sales

Discover the POS terminals that can bring you closer to your customers by managing sales effectively, quickly and securely. Wherever you are.

Which PoS for you?

Virtual POS terminal

A fast payment gateway for your online business

  • It can handle payments by card, Bizum, local payments or Amazon Pay.

  • Offers subscription orders and allows one-click payments.

  • Customises multiple integrations tailored to your business.

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Smart Phone&Sell POS

No website, no problem

  • Sell your products or services without the need for an online shop

How does it work?

Organisation Virtual POS terminal

Collecting taxes, fees and notifications has never been so easy

  • Perfect for public bodies and institutions

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IVR Call Centre POS terminal

A unique solution for telephone switchboards

  • No operator involvement, automatic and fully customisable

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Hotel Reservations Proxy POS terminal

Specific for hotel reservation management

  • Secure and uncomplicated remote management

Are you interested?

We help you to choose the PoS that best suits your business.

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