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Kelvin Retail

IVR Call Centre POS

Suitable for call centres, collection, booking agencies and telemarketing

TPV Call Center IVR
Telephone sales automatically including card payment in the same call.
Secure payment without the operator having access to the card data.
Offer your customers a quality user experience.
Compatible with subscription or recurring payments.

Know why the IVR Call Centre POS is for you?


Maximum security

Thanks to its PCI-DSS Level 1 environment, it stores your customers' card details as a "token" and uses them for recurring payments or subscriptions.


Intuitive control panel

And easy to implement on your platform. Manage all your stores from one place and assign special permits to each of your agents.

Siempre le atenderemos

100% customisable audios

Configure up to 7 languages for the messages that your customers will hear throughout the purchase process.

How does it work?

During the call, the customer agrees to process the payment.

The agent enters the amount to be charged into the system and transfers the call to the IVR.

The IVR asks the customer for their card details, which they will have to type into their phone.

After the transaction, and depending on the result, the call may end, be returned to the agent or to a menu, depending on the logic that has been configured.

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