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Your security, our commitment

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We take the security of your accounts very seriously. Our commitment is for you to be able to operate and do your banking business with complete peace of mind.

To be able to guarantee your security, we take a number of effective measures. Go on reading!

Measures for preventing fraud
Banco Sabadell applies different limits on amounts per operation as mechanisms for preventing fraud. For example, we always request the PIN of your Contactless card for your payments over 50 €. In the event of our detecting any patterns or operations out of the ordinary, we will get in touch with you.

Maximum security: We notify you of purchases with your card. And with the app you can block it, turn it on or off and claim a refund for fraudulent use.

You are in control: You can change the expense limit on your purchases, on cash withdrawals and its use abroad or online on the app.
Measures for making our web pages more secure
Our security certificates authenticate the websites belonging to Banco Sabadell, so you can always make sure that the web page on which you are browsing really belongs to the Banco Sabadell and is thus 100% secure. Our certificates thus make our websites secure channels for neutralising any threats to the confidentiality of your data and prevent any third parties from accessing this information flow.

How do we let you know whether our websites are secure?
When you browse on our web page you will see that it always starts with "https://" and not with "http://" (which indicates that it might not be totally secure). What's more, on our web pages you will always see a padlock, which means that the connection is secure and that your information is totally private when you browse on our website. In the padlock you can also access further information about the currently effective security certificate. So if you should get to some web page which appears to belong to the Banco Sabadell but does not contain either the https:// nor has the padlock... don't trust this and don't give your confidential data!
Measures for ensuring that our bank's online operations are 100% secure
  • The information on your last access to our web page may help you to find out if your identity on the web site has been supplanted. For example, if you can see that a session has been started in the middle of the night and it wasn't you, this may mean that your security has been breached and someone outside has entered your accounts.
  • Your access password to your online bank has a maximum of five incorrect attempts; after three you will be asked for an extra verification coordinate if you enter the password correctly that will be sent to you by SMS/push, depending on your signature type. If on the fifth attempt the password is entered incorrectly, remote banking will be completely blocked and you will have to reset it via the link "Having problems entering?" or via the Banco Sabadell app.
  • Our Banco Sabadell app uses the Digital Signature system, which includes additional checks to help to detect whether the operation has been started by you or if there is some other user behind the app.
Measures for proper processing of your data
Banco Sabadell has since 25 May 2018 adopted the new European General Data Regulation for Protection of Personal Data (GDPR). This new law allows us to process and protect your data properly with absolute confidentiality, always with your express consent. What this new regulation seeks is basically for companies to process users' data in a more transparent manner, so that you can exercise your rights more easily. Here you will find further information about this.

One of the less-known parts of the GDPR is that the law also considers, in cases of mass data hacking or security breaches companies must inform any users whose data might have been jeopardised within 72h that they have undergone a security incident.