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SME Initiative TRANCHE II (EIB Guarantee)

Useful information for SMEs and the self-employed in Andalusia, Balearics, Canary Islands, Galicia and Madrid


Banco de Sabadell has signed with the European Investment Fund (EIB), belonging to the Group of the Fondo Europeo de Inversiones (BEI), an extension of 220m euros for the SME Initiative for the communities of Andalusia, Balearics, Canary Islands, Galicia and Madrid.

Spain: Country leading the Initiative

The SME Initiative is a joint financial instrument of the European Commission, the EIB Group and the Member states that aims to provide financing for Spanish SMEs via the partial risk hedging for SME loan portfolios. The SME Initiative is also co-financed by the EU via Horizon 2020.

The financing of SMEs afforded under the SME Initiative receives the support of the European Union in the context of the SME Initiative with European Union funds via the FEDER Funds and Horizon 2020 and with funds from the European Investment Fund and the European Investment Bank.

  • Main characteristics



    Small and medium size companies (SMEs) and the self-employed who are incorporated and carry on their business in Andalusia, Balearics, Canary Islands, Galicia or Madrid and which conform to the definition of the EC Recommendation (2003/361/EC – see below), are eligible:

    • Up to 249 workers
    • Turnover lower than or equal to 50 million euros
    • Balance sheet lower than or equal to 43 million euros

    The Initiative excludes certain areas of activity such as the production and trade in tobacco, distilled alcoholic beverages and related products; production and trade in weapons and munitions; use of live animals for experimental purposes; nuclear energy; gambling and casinos amongst others.

    Eligible investments
    • investment of tangible or intangible assets
    • Working capital connected to the company’s business cycle
    • Acquisition of companies (between independent investors)

    All projects must be carried out in Spain, and have as their purpose: the creation of new companies; start-up capital (in other words, seed and initial capital); expansion capital; capital to strengthen and stabilise a company’s general activities; or the execution of new projects, entering of new markets or new developments for existing companies in accordance with the provisions of the FEDER regulations.

    Among others, refinancing, restructuring or VAT are not be financed.
  • Financial Conditions

     Repayment schedule

    Minimum 2 years and maximum 12 years

    Amount financeable

    Up to 12.5 million euros


    Loan and leasing