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How do we ensure your safety?

Banco Sabadell security

At Banco Sabadell we have incorporated security technology to protect your accounts.

How we treat your information securely

  • Banco Sabadell will never ask you for your confidential details, such as passwords or secret numbers, either by phone or by means of a form.
  • In the event the bank detects any potentially fraudulent operations we will contact you to determine the legitimacy of the operation and decide the next steps to be taken, with the aim of assisting you and protecting you from illicit activity.
  • With this goal in mind, the bank will periodically update this section on online security, so as to warn you of any possible attempted fraud and scams which may be used.

Limit on the amount of operations

Electronic signature of e-mails

Digital Certificate

BSabadell Online security measures

Banco Sabadell distance banking services uses security measures. We believe it is important to be aware of them in order to use BS Online as safely as posible.

  • Date and time of last connection
When you connect to BS Online, you are shown the date and time of your last connection. This enables you to check that only you know your security codes.

  • Access code controls
At Banco Sabadell we monitor the access codes to BSabadell Online, so that you can use the distance banking service in a fully secure manner. Your access code has a maximum number of mistakes a day, or accumulated over several days. If you exceed this limit, we will automatically cancel the access code. In this case, it can only be reactivated if you request so in writing or in person at your local Banco Sabadell branch.

Those transactions that require enhanced security (transfers, stock market orders, etc.) will request a second code. This second code corresponds to one of the codes included on the BS Online codes card, or will be sent to your mobile telephone if you have activated the Digital Signature service. Each codes card is different and personalised for each customer. Every transaction of this type will randomly request a different code.
  • Digital Signature implementation
Banco Sabadell is implementing the use of Digital Signature, a new access control System for controlling access to your distance banking service, which will substitute the bank’s current codes card. By activating the Digital Signature service you will be sent to your mobile telephone the codes to complete your transactions online (transfers, online purchases etc.) You will no longer use the codes card and should destroy this card.

This system meets the security requirements of the European Banking Association, which we detail below:
  • Non-replicability: In order to avoid copies or theft, each code generated by the Digital Signature is unique, random and has a limited duration.
  • Non-reusability: Unlike other physical media such as the coordinate’s card, the codes generated with the Digital Signature are random, so they cannot be reused for different operations, resulting in greater security.
  • Additional authentication factor: In order to further increase the protection of your transactions, we recommend you protect access to your mobile device using a password.
See here the Security Policy