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Prevention of Swine flu (H1N1)

20 October 2009

In line with the protocols put forward by the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health and Social Policy, we strongly recommend you adopt every precaution to avoid infection and the spread of Swine flu. 

For this reason, we suggest you use our Distance Banking services as an alternative to physical operations at our Branches, so as to reduce your movements in crowded places and personal contact to a minimum, as both these are considered risk factors. 

Our Distance Banking services offers you several channels for your convenience to operate your accounts and cover all your financial requirements.  


 You can choose between:

BS Online 
BS Online
We are just a click away. And totally free. Thanks to BS Online, and from any computer, you can: Consult your account and card transactions, the detailed balances of your saving and credit products. And also make transfers to other accounts, change the payment method of your credit cards, amongst many other operations.
BS Mobile
Thanks to BS Móvil, you don’t need to do anything to know the situation of your accounts. We’ll take care of informing you. With BS Mobile you can receive a text message on your mobile when the alerts you have activated occur: cards, accounts and security alerts.
Instant Broker
Instant Broker
Instant Broker is a new system enabling you to access your securities accounts and perform all types of stock queries, and receive graphs or news via RSS on the screen of your mobile phone, iPhone and BlackBerry .
WAP Services
With BS Online and the WAP service (Wireless Application Protocol) you can perform your usual operations with the bank via your mobile phone: consult balances and transactions, transfers, situation of credit cards, etc.
ATM (automated teller machine)
SabadellAtlántico places at your disposal over 32,000 Servired network cashpoints Thanks to these you can make cash withdrawals, see account movements or recharge your mobile phone.
Credit and debit cards
Use them whenever you can as means of payment to avoid handling bank notes, in the knowledge that the free BS Card Protection service alerts you to any operations and covers the loss or theft of the cards.