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Indicador de riesgo aplicable a la Cuenta Expansión Negocios y Cuenta Expansión Negocios Plus.

Indicador de riesgo
    Este número es indicativo del riesgo del producto, siendo 1/6 indicativo de menor riesgo y 6/6 de mayor riesgo.
    Banco de Sabadell, S.A. se encuentra adherido al Fondo Español de Garantía de Depósitos de Entidades de Crédito. La cantidad máxima garantizada actualmente por el mencionado Fondo es de 100.000 euros por depositante.

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BS Franchises

The pack that meets the needs of franchises

With BS Franquicias, you can quickly and easily access:

  • A pack of financial solutions adapted to the needs of your franchise, under special conditions.
    BS Franquicias offers you, amongst others, the best conditions for financing your working capital or acquiring or renewing assets (loan or leasing).
  • The best services for the management of your business and personal needs, with just a phone call.

  • Advantage

    Whether you wish to set up your own franchise or expand your company via a franchise system, we can help you to realise your project.

    At Banco Sabadell we have experience in simplifying the development of business initiatives in the world of franchises, by offering solutions adapted to the characteristics of each business model, both for financing the project or network expansion process and for the daily management of the business. You will receive personalised advice.

    Our knowledge of the sector enables us to offer you a differentiated, specialised service, under the finest conditions.

    And as a franchisor, we can arrange collaboration agreements to provide you with the best conditions for the financial products and services the future franchiser will need to open and develop the business, and acts as a single point of contact for processing all the finance operations of new franchisers and monitor the operations in a centralised manner, with rapid response times and a brand knowledge to unify criteria when evaluating them.

  • Non-financial services
    BS Franquicias includes a comprehensive set of non-financial advisory, assistance and information services under special conditions.

    With just a phone call you can book your travel with significant discounts, find the best courier service, receive IT support 24 hours a day, legal-juridical assistance or telephone medical advice. And all this with the chief suppliers in each sector.