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New welcome page to BS Online

28 July 2009

In the new welcome page to BS Online, you can now see more clearly your:


We present your personal details (they do not appear in full to protect your confidentiality and a high security level) and the access to modify and update them whenever you wish.

Why is it important to keep the personal details updated?
Because thanks to this we can send you specific communications about offers and new features and you will learn about them before anyone else, wherever you are.


We show you the messages we have sent and which have not yet been read.

What are these messages?
They are messages solely for you which we send to offer you products and services under the best conditions, which have a given validity period and which we are sure will be of interest to you.


From among our varied offering we have selected products and services personalised for you in two advertising modules at the bottom.

What are the personalised advertising modules?
It is not just more advertising. It is a lively means of communication we have chosen to show you promotions of services and products similar to those you already have with us; and they are personalised because they are the result of mutual knowledge and are different to those we may show other customers. 

With this new welcome page design of the BS Online service we strive to be closer to you and make you feel more comfortable as you belong to a bank which aims to offer you the personal treatment you deserve. Identify and check now