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Finance your collections and payments

The most appropriate discounting and financing for your export and import operations

The most appropriate discounts and financing for your export and import transactions. Find the most suitable way to advance payments for exports already made or to finance the pre-export production process.

  • Solutions

    Improve your liquidity by financing payments resulting from your imports.

    What are your needs?
    • Coverage of the manufacturing costs of a good intended for export, with a firm order
    • Obtaining liquidity based on your receivables
    • Eliminate the liquidity gap between payments to your suppliers and collection of payment from your clients
    • Pay your suppliers promptly to secure better terms and conditions for your business

    How can we help you?
    • Export pre-financing . A loan, in euros or any other currency, that enables you to meet the production costs incurred before a good is dispatched 1
    • We advance in euros (or any other currency) the amount due from a sale of goods or provision of services already carried out, until you receive payment from your client 1
    • Short-term financing of your import payments, in euros or a foreign currency 1
    • Export Credit to grow . Preferential financing for companies with foreign business at Banco Sabadell
    • BUYER CREDIT . Medium and long-term financing with official subsidies for exports of machinery, capital goods and other technical goods and services of Spanish origin

    1. There is an exchange rate risk, the possibility of incurring losses on transactions due to a change in the currency's exchange rate when transactions have been made in a currency other than that of the transaction settlement account.

    We can also offer you the following services:

    Commercial export discounting , so you can get an advance against payments pending and trade credits prior to maturity that result from your company's commercial transactions abroad.

    Factoring , through which we manage collection of payments, financing and also the chance to cover the risk of debtor insolvency.

    Forfaiting , allowing you to immediately convert into cash your credits and transactions with deferred payment, in the medium and long term, and

    Confirming , so we can take charge of managing your payments to suppliers, with a host of advantages for both your company and for them.

    Why with Banco Sabadell ?
    • We can offer you bespoke financing solutions.
    • You can take out cover for your exchange rate risks.
    • Consult our specialised products to finance your transactions.

    Before you invest…
    Please take note of the Key Investor Information documents. Their aim is to provide you with clear, simple and concise information about the characteristics of the product you're going to buy.

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  • Documents and tools
    We provide information and utilities that may be of interest:

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     Commercial financing for imports  (Only Spanish)
     Official Credit (Only Spanish)

    Buyer Credit:
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