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Kelvin Retail

Presential Sales

Presential sales solutions to grow your business. Discover them.

Which PoS for you?

Fixed PoS

For retailers, taxi drivers, food stores, street vending or distribution.

  • Any type of connection: GPRS, ADSL, WIFI, Bluetooth.

  • Colour touchscreen with ticket printout.

Mobile PoS

For the self-employed, street and home vending.

  • It includes an app to carry out the sale.
    The terminal connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

  • The slip of the operation is sent by SMS or email.


For the retail business.

  • It consists of a simple application and USB card reader.

  • It expedites sales as the amount does not need entering on the PoS.

Integrated PoS

For major outlets, business chains and franchises.

  • It enables the integration of the PoS with the merchant’s sales management program.

  • Centralised collection solution for different points of sale.

We help you to choose the PoS that best suits your business.

Services included in all Banco Sabadell PoS
Icono euros Payment in foreign currency (DCC). This enables operations in the original currency the card was issued in. Standard transfer of 0.50 % of a purchase in foreign currency.
Icono TPV Multi-language and Multi-currency. Payment in 185 local currencies and multi-language PoS.
Icono fraccionamiento compras Split payment of purchases. For customers paying with Banco Sabadell credit cards.
Icono tarjetas It accepts all types of cards.
Icono contactless Contactless. Allows you to make your payment simply by drawing the Contactless card up to the PoS terminal.
Icono check Taxfree. Facilitates VAT refunds to customers outside of the Eurozone.
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