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Expansión Line

Instant credit available whenever you need it


Enjoy all the advantages:
0 fees and no paperwork or waiting.
Deposited immediately into your account.
You choose the repayment periods.
Choose the length of time you want for repaying it and ... Enjoy!

  • Characteristics
    • The interest rate applied is a nominal annual 10.20%(1) (10.69% APR) without any expenses or arrangement or assessment fees.
    • You can return it easily in 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 months.
    • Your Expansión Line limit is updated and restored monthly as you repay each month. So you can always use it again without having to pay more.
    • You can cancel the limit drawn from your Expansión Line whenever you want.

    (1) Opening an Expansión Line requires prior knowledge of the contractual conditions. You can find the general conditions of the contract at bancosabadell.com/lineaexpansion. Activating the Expansión Line requires express or tacit acceptance of the contractual conditions by all the holders of the account, when there are several. The initial credit limit is common, irrespective of the number of holders of the Expansión Account, and is revisable on a monthly basis and will vary in accordance with the specific conditions of the Expansión Line, and may be drawn down jointly and severally. 10.69% APR calculated for a total amount of 5,000 euros to be repaid in 1 year at a nominal interest rate of 10.20%: 11 monthly instalments of 440.05 euros and a final instalment of 439.98 euros. Total amount outstanding: 5,280.53 euros. Arrangement fee 0%. Assessment fee 0%. Fee for early repayment of 0%. 35 euro fee for claims on payments outstanding. Banco Sabadell reserves the right to not extend the credit if, during the term of this offer, any circumstance of the holder becomes known which might alter the approval criteria. Offer valid until 31/12/2018.

    Apply now...
    • Internet

    • Visiting our branches

    Expansión Line
    • Call
      +34 902 343 999
      +34 935 202 304 (from abroad)
      24 hours, every day
    • Send us an
    • Visit one of our branches
  • Requisites
    • To have a salary deposited automatically into your account of at least €1,500

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