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Exchange risk cover

Eliminate uncertainties with respect to amounts payable or receivable in your operations in foreign currency

One of the risk components in your commercial export and import operations is the exchange rate. It is advisable to be covered against possible fluctuations in the foreign currency markets.
For this reason, Banco Sabadell offers you different possibilities for ensuring careful management of the exchange rate risk.

  • Solutions
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    You have to make a foreign currency payment on a specific future date and want to find out in advance its counter-value in euros Through the contracting of an    Import exchange rate insurance policy  we guarantee you a fixed purchase price, independently of the evolution of the price of the currency contracted  
    You are going to receive a payment in foreign currency on a specific future date and you need to find out what its counter-value in euros will be Through the contracting of an    Export exchange rate insurance policy  we guarantee you a fixed sale price of the currency received, independently of the evolution of the price of the currency contracted 
    You need to make one or more payments (collections) in a specific currency between two known dates and want to know the exchange rate to apply, and for this to be the same for each payment (collection) Our   Cash Option  allows you to contract the purchase (sale) of foreign currencies up to the agreed amount, at a single exchange rate, with the possibility of one or several provisions within a certain period  
    You would like to contract a fixed exchange rate for a specific date, but with the possibility of taking advantage of favourable fluctuations in the exchange rate of the currency concerned Our  Forward KO allows you to improve the fixed exchange rate with respect to the exchange insurance, but remaining without cover from a certain limit (or “barrier”) 
    Obtain a fixed exchange rate with the maximum discount, in exchange for leaving unfavourable scenarios without cover from a certain limit An  Option on foreign currency is a right to buy or sell a currency at a certain price, in exchange for payment of an initial price, known as a premium  
    You wish to acquire only the right to buy or sell at a certain price Currency tunnel allows you to set limits on the fluctuation of the exchange rate, limiting losses in the case of unfavourable movements, but benefiting from favourable moments up to the limits determined by the contract 
    You wish to establish limits on fluctuation for the exchange rate, benefiting from favourable movements and limiting your losses  
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