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Construction Protection

BS Construction Protection

Protección Construcción

This insurance covers material damages and loss that an insured building work suffers as a direct consequence of an accidental and unpredictable cause, during the construction period, as well as the civil liability for third parties, both employer and crossed and damage to building equipment and machinery.

Services and advantages

  • Advising on the prevention of disasters
  • Maintenance management of the policy
  • Quality guarantees of service for the whole offer
  • Integral disaster management that is fast and efficient
  • Study of a personalised offer adapted to the requirements of your company, without any cost or obligation.
  • Flexibility in the offer via the contracting of a basic insurance and the possibility of increasing it through a series of optional covers
  • Contracting and contributions that is simple and flexible via our offices
  • Possibility of contracting civil liability coverage as promoter or as promoter/builder according to the person who formalises the contract.


1. Basic :

  • Fire, lightning, explosion, natural risks, political risks, acts of vandalism, theft and pillaging
  • Consequences of design faults, damage during the maintenance period of the finished buildings

2. Optional (contracted in addition):

  • Damage to building equipment, cranes and machinery and personal belongings
  • Civil liability for third parties, both employer and crossed

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