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Combinado Plus Deposit

A deposit with an attractive return

The Combinado Plus Deposit is a one-year deposit that allows you to allocate part of your savings toa fixed deposit and the rest to an investment fund. So you can choose the combination that best suitsyour needs to obtain an attractive return.

12 months Depositat 0.50% APR
0.50% NIR
Provided the balance in the Fund(1) is equal to orhigher than that of the Deposit.
Risk indicator and alerts applicable to a fixed 12-month deposit
This number indicates the product risk, where 1/6 indicates the least risk and 6/6 the greatest risk.
Banco de Sabadell, S.A. forms part of the Spanish Deposit Guarantee Fundof Credit Entities. The maximum sum currently guaranteed by said Fund is100,000 euros per depositor.
Índice de riesgoÍndice de riesgoÍndice de riesgo
The redemption, surrender or early refund of all or part of theprincipal invested are subject to fees or penalties.
Investment Fund to choose from:
  • Sabadell Prudente, FI
  • Sabadell Equilibrado, FI
  • Sabadell Dinámico, FI
Sabadell Prudente, FI, Sabadell Equilibrado, FI and Sabadell Dinámico, FI are registered with the CNMV under numbers 4375, 4854 and 4855 respectively.

For each of the Funds managed by Sabadell Asset Management, there is a prospectus with the basic details for the investor and the periodic reports which are at the public's disposal at the distribution offices, at sabadellassetmanagement.com and the CNMV registry.

The selected Investment Funds are non-complex MIFID products. Possibility of suffering investment losses due to fluctuations in it smarket price or the elements that determine its market price.
Open your Combinado Plus Deposit from just €600 until
30 April 2017 or while the offer lasts (100 million euros).

(1) The average balance deposited and maintained in the Fund is the average number of holdings increased in the associated Fund (without taking into account the increase in the number of holdings from transfers from other Investment Funds managed by Sabadell Asset Management to this Fund) from the deposit arrangement date to the maturity date multiplied by the liquidation value of the associated Fundon the day the deposit is opened. Settlement of interest upon maturity.

If the average balance of the Fund is lower than that of the deposit or if you decide to surrender or cancel your Combinado Plus Deposit before maturity, it will pay 0.05% APR (nominal annual 0.05%).

Management companySabadell Asset Management, S.A., S.G.I.I.C., S.U. registered with the CNMV under number 58.

Depositary: Banco de Sabadell S.A., registered with the CNMV under number 32.
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