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Car Loan

Why settle for just any car?

Car Loan

Stop dreaming:

  • Request your loan of between €2,500 and €60,000 and pay it off comfortably in between 18 and 96 months.
  • Only for customers who have been with the bank for a minimum of 6 months.
  • NIR FROM 3.25% TO 13.25%1. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) from 4.05% to 20.69%2. The APR may vary, depending on the repayment period and amount of the transaction as there is a percentage fee, with a minimum amount.
  • Nominal interest rate variable NIR from 3.25 % to 13.25 % depending on the amount and term of each operation, which shall also be conditioned by the bank's risk criteria.
  • Arrangement Fee: 2.50% (minimum €75).
  • Assessment Fee: 0.25% (minimum €30).
  • And you will also have the possibility of early cancellation before maturity. If the period from early cancellation to the theoretical maturity of the contract is less than or equal to 12 months, the early redemption fee is 0.50%. If it is higher, it is 1.00 % of the amount repaid.

Are you thinking about purchasing an eco-friendly car? We make it easy for you with the ECO Car Loan3

  • There is now a 50% discount on the arrangement fee.
    Opening commission with discount: 1.25% (minimum € 37.50)
  • NIR from 3.25% to 13.25%. APR from 3.70% to 17.29%3
  • And a free VIA-T4

Offer valid until 15/01/2023.

Being one step ahead has its advantages
You will enjoy discounts on the motorway tolls in some communities, such as the EcoVIAT in Catalonia.
You will get free Registration Tax and a 75% discount on the road tax.
You'll be able to travel without any problems in large cities when the anti-pollution protocols are activated.
There are also discounts in parking areas in some cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona.
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