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You might consider ...

Iberdrola Deposit 02/2027

Discover how easy it is to save when a deposit makes your money profitable

Deposito Iberdrola
You will recover 100% of the capital plus a variable remuneration.
Your savings, intact for 7 years.
Ease of contracting: only a minimum contribution of € 1,000.

Contract it before February 13, 2020

(or until the issue runs out: 25 million euros), for as little as 1,000 euros.

Especially suitable for you if ...

  • You will not need the money you deposit for 7 years.

  • You want to save while obtaining a yield.

  • You want a deposit with interest rates that you know in advance and that will not change for 7 years.

  • If you want to collect a fixed annual return every year.

What differentiates the Iberdrola deposit 02/2027?

  • The Iberdrola 02/2027 deposit always has a positive yield.

  • You will recover 100% of the capital plus a variable remuneration.

  • Each year, you will receive a coupon on the initial amount invested, which will be based on the evolution of the share. You can receive one of the following coupons:

    0.45% (yield 0.45% APR) or 0.10% (yield 0.10% APR).

If on the observation date 1 the value of the Iberdrola share is equal to or higher than the initial level 2 you will receive a 0.45% coupon.

If on the observation date1 the value of the Iberdrola share is lower than the initial level2 you will receive a 0.10% coupon.

Thus, although the variation of Iberdrola's share in each observation is negative, you will obtain a positive return.

You should also know that...

The Iberdrola deposit 02/2027 cannot be cancelled before maturity.

(1) Levels of annual observation: the closing price of Iberdrola on 10 February 2021, 10 February 2022, 10 February 2023, 12 February 2024, 10 February 2025, 10 February 2026 and 10 February 2027.

(2) Initial level: the closing price of Iberdrola, at 17 February 2020.

Iberdrola is a registered trademark of IBERDROLA, S.A. and its shares are used solely as the underlying asset to calculate the return on the Iberdrola 02/2027 Deposit. Underlying asset or benchmark used to calculate the return: IBERDROLA, S.A. shares (Bloomberg code: IBE SM Equity). The document containing the basic terms of the deposit is available to the public in the marketing branches and in www.bancsabadell.com/Priips/es/. The Iberdrola 02/2027 Deposit is a complex MiFID product.

Banco de Sabadell, S.A. is a member of the Spanish Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions. The maximum amount currently guaranteed by this fund is € 100,000 per depositor. The pre-contractual information corresponding to this deposit is available to customers in any of the branches of the Banco Sabadell group
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