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Our pledge to companies


Useful information for the self-employed and corporates

Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial  CDTI

Banco Sabadell has been granted funds from the European Investment Bank (EIB), available to customers, with the aim of promoting investment projects located in any EU territory and working capital operations.

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  • Characteristics

    Self-employed persons, SMEs with a maximum of 249 employees and MIDCAPs with between 250 and 3.000 employees.

    Eligible Investments:

    - Acquisition of tangible assets, except the purchase of land.
    - Investments related to intangible assets, including:
    • Development, planning and financing costs during the construction phase.
    • R&D expenses.
    • The creation of distribution networks in domestic markets or others within the EU.
    - Working capital: to finance liabilities associated with the business cycle as part of their usual activities.

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  • Financial Conditions
    Financing type:

    • Leasing
    • Loans
    • Renting
    Maximum investment:

    SME and MIDCAP projects: maximum investment of €25m. Up to 100% of the investment, maximum EIB funds €12,5m.

    MIDCAP projects: from €25m up to maximum investment of €50m. Up to 50% of EIB funds.

    Repayment term:

    A minimum repayment term of 2 years, maximum 15 years for investment, and 3 years for working capital.

    Optional grace period on the principal.

    Interest rate:

    Customers will receive a 0,25% reduction on the EIB discounted interest rate.

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