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Amundi Funds Protect 90

If you are looking to obtain profitability and that a part of your invested capital is protected, this fund is for you

Ideal for those investors who seek to obtain profitability without putting all their capital at risk.
It is actively and flexibly managed and adapts investments to increase the chances of profitability.
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Why choose Amundi Funds Protect 90?

  • The aim is to obtain profitability
    In the current economic context, this is what investors tend to look for. This fund combines the quest for profitability with partial and permanent investment protection.
  • It protects a part of your money
    It offers daily protection of 90% of the highest settlement value recorded since 5 June 2020.
  • Managed by a team of professionals
    Made up of 13 managers with extensive experience.

How does it work?

This fund invests worldwide and in all kinds of assets, thus diversifying investment. To increase the likelihood of profitability, it is actively and flexibly managed. Thus, in bullish environments the fund prioritizes risky assets and in bearish environments it reduces the level of risk.

What else can this fund offer me?

  • Professional experience. With a stable team of people with extensive experience in fund and asset management.
  • Total liquidity. You can redeem your investment totally or partially at the time you want, without penalty.
  • Tax advantages.As with all investment funds, if you are a natural person residing in Spain, you will not be taxed until you divest.

Remember that…


if the evolution of the markets is not as expected, the fund may have losses. For this reason, withdrawing money before the recommended time horizon (which in this case is 3 years) will increase the risk of capital loss.


The investments are subject to market fluctuations and other risks inherent to the investment in securities and other financial instruments, and the acquisition price may therefore undergo variations both upward and downward and it is possible you will not recover the amount initially invested.

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