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Straight line amortization loans


The bank loans a certain sum of money, to be returned via an amortization schedule consisting of instalments of a constant amount which includes capital and interest, adapted to the customer’s possibilities.

  • Characteristics

    The straight line amortization loan is an operation in which a certain sum of money is loaned, to be returned via an amortization schedule consisting of instalments of a constant amount which includes capital and interest.

    Your amortization schedule offers you better treasury planning, as no large amounts need be paid each quarter (interest) and at each partial term of the operation. The operation is amortised gradually in fixed instalments paid at the end of each of the periods chosen.

    Applicable rates

    When the interest rate is fixed, it is agreed upon commencement of the operation and remains unaltered during the life of same.

    The variable interest rate can be: Pegged to the variation of the EURIBOR; EURIBOR based

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  • Execution
    This operation is executed by means of a special instrument, different to that used for an ordinary loan, the clauses of which govern the repayment system inherent to the operation.
  • Subsidised or secured

    These are loans governed by special agreements signed between Banco Sabadell Group and different bodies, generally official bodies.

    They are loans for financing certain investments with official support and highly advantageous conditions.

    The official body grants compensation for the costs (subsidy) or guarantees for each loan contained in the agreement.

    In addition to arrangement of the loan by the Bank, these loans require the approval or the subsidy or guarantee by the appropriate body.

    They are arranged using special instruments or with additional clauses which contain the particularities of each agreement.

  • Personalised

    This consists of arranging a line of personalised loans for those making purchases from your business.

    With this line, you can offer your clients a product adapted to their characteristics for purchase facilities. Collection management is simplified and risk of non-payment is reduced.

    All the personalised loans proposed are contingent upon arrangement by the Bank following the appropriate analysis.

    They can be arranged with or without a guarantee.


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