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French holiday cheque

The cheques issued by the French National Agency of Holiday Cheques are not the chief way in which the French finance their travel. With the Banco Sabadell management service to collect these cheques, your business will form part of a network of over 9 million customers and more than 170,000 member establishments across Europe.

What it consists of:

  • These are prepaid, protected coupons for €10 and €20.
  • They are distributed by works councils, entrepreneurs or the public administration to their workers as remuneration in kind.
  • They can be used in a large number of tourist establishments: Accommodation and stays, transport, restaurants, culture, museums, etc.

Advantages of the French holiday cheque

  • A pioneering service in Spain so your tourist business can offer a differential, profitable service.
  • Collect the holiday cheques online: guaranteed collection for you and convenient for your customers.
    • As these coupons are prepaid, there is no risk of non-payment.
    • They are protected and designed in conjunction with the Banque de France and cannot be forged.
  • Free advertising for your hotel business in the French holiday cheque guidebook: Guide des vacances, des loisirs, et du sport.

How it works

For your hotel business to accept these cheques, you just need to partner with the French National Holiday Cheque Agency by filling in a simple form on the website http://bit.ly/28JqUci, or calling 0 825 844 344 (€015/min, tax included).

How it's collected

The customer will give you a cheque in payment, you place the seal in the place provided and send it to the ANCV (remember to cut off the upper part of the cheques as a receipt). Payment is made by the ANCV at the most 21 days after receiving the remittance into an account domiciled in France.

French holiday cheque