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Mastercard Corporate Card

Pay easily and get additional protection against fraud

 Two schemes¹ to suit to every need.
  Free: No issuance or maintenance fees for customers with a Business Account.²
  Fraud protection: You will be protected against fraudulent transactions carried out by third parties.
  Wide range of insurances included.
Tarjeta Corporate Oro Mastercard
Tarjeta Corporate Oro  y Platinum

Mastercard Corporate cards help you replace cash payments, prioritising online transactions and offering digital services to simplify your day-to-day life. And if you have a Sabadell Business Account,² your Mastercard Corporate Gold card is free: €0 issue fee and €0 maintenance fee.

Additionally, both cards offer you the possibility of deferring payments by account settlement with 15, 25 or even 35 additional days to the closing date of the statement and simplifying the management of your finance division. Convenient, isn't it?


Which one to choose

Choosing between two good options is much easier

  Tarjeta Oro Business Mastercard

Mastercard Corporate Gold
Tarjeta Platinum Business Mastercard

Mastercard Corporate Platinum
Operations Payments and credit repayments Payments and credit repayments
Travel accident insurance Up to €750,000 Up to €1,050,000
Travel assistance insurance Check Check
Medical expenses abroad €4,000 €8,000
Dentist expenses abroad €100 €100
Return due to hospitalisation of a family member No Check
Travel of a family member to accompany the hospitalised insured person Check Check
Accommodation for the person who will accompany the hospitalised insured person €60 for a maximum of 10 days €95 for a maximum of 10 days
Transportation of the deceased No Check
Loss or damage to luggage €600 €700
Delayed luggage €180 €300
Travel delay €250 €250
Advance of bail bond or assistance expenses €1,000 €12,000
Insurance against fraudulent use of cards by employees €9,000 €18,000

How they are tailored to your company


With Banco Sabadell’s corporate cards, you can choose your own credit limit¹


You can also set up to operate transactions online or or through


And even customise your card with your company logo


Digital services included

  • Carry your cards on your mobile and pay with them via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.
  • Administrative management of employee cards through our website
  • Receive files of the transactions you make to integrate them into your accounting systems
Tarjeta Corporate Oro Movil

  • Advantages

    The Company Mastercard and Corporate Mastercards simplify resources management, billing and control of your company expenses, making everyday tasks easier and offering you access to added advantges:


    • Administrative and financial cost savings.
    • Free short-term finance.
    • Reassurance on business trips.
    • Insurance and assistance insurance (optional)  
    • Conexion Service, which provides a free answer in real time to your computer-related doubts and problems, at home or in the office

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  • Benefits
    Possible benefits of MasterCards*

    Tarjetas Mastercard
    Travel accident insurance 1.050.000€
    Employee disloyalty insurance 18.000€
    Travel assistance insurance:  
    24 hour medical information service
    24 hour legal information service
    24 hour travel aid service
    Sending of documents and personal objects abroad
    Medical expenses abroad 8.000€
    Dentist expenses abroad 100€
    Extension of stay in hotel due to illness and accident 95€/day (10 days)
    Medical transfer of patients and injured
    Return of insured in event of relative’s death
    Return due to hospitalisation of relative
    Travel by relative to accompany hospitalised insured
    Stay of person to accompany hospitalised insured 95€/day (10 days)
    Transport of mortal remains
    Search and location of luggage
    Loss and damage to luggage 700€
    Delayed luggage 300€
    Delayed journey 250€
    Transmission of urgent messages (arising from guarantees)
    Emergency payment to hospitals
    Advance of bail/legal assistance expenses 12.000€/1000€
    24 hour notification service of lost/stolen card
    MasterCard Global Service emergency services:  
    Notification of lost/stolen card
    Emergency replacement of card
    Advance emergency payment in cash
    Distance banking
    Settlement methods:  
    Possibility of charge in employee account
    Possibility of deferred payment
    Possibility of postponed payment
    Possible personalisation

    (*) Call 963 085 000 or visit your branch for more information about the insurance and specific features incorporated by each card
  • Internet queries and operations
    FromBS Online Companies, on the general menu option All options > Cards, there is information on the operations and queries that can be made with this kind of card:

    • General information on the contract for the card and each additional card.
    • Consult movements over the last 18 months for each card.
    • Select movements using different criteria: amount, type of availability, by card or account, etc.
    • Consult the last 18 payments made on the card contract.
    • Modify the card’s repayment terms.

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