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International presence

Consult our representative offices, subsidiaries and branches offices abroad.

Cheques, transfers and electronic payment collections

We can manage your collections from abroad

We process your collections received from abroad through the management of collection of cheques, the reception of transfers from banking entities and SEPA payment collections, as well as the management of your electronic collection remittances with France and Italy.

  • Solutions
    What are your needs?
    • Receive your payment collections from abroad without delays
    • Be informed without delay regarding the reception of a transfer issued in your favour by a client abroad
    • Obtain payment from cheques received in payment of your invoices with maximum speed and security
    • Take advantage of the benefits of electronic payment collection systems with  France and Italy.
    •  Receive payments in euros from member countries of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)
    How can we help you?
    • Immediate communication of transfers received in your favour
    • Management of electronic collections, through the LCR (France) and RI.BA. (Italy)  systems. You can send their files to us through our BS Online electronic banking system
    • Processes fully adapted for making or receiving SEPA transfers, as well as for making or receiving collections of SEPA receipts
    • • Processing of cheque payment collection through the “Secure Collection Service” and “Credit After Final Payment” services, to determine with precision the dates of definitive collection of your cheques received from the USA and the UK, respectively, at a competitive cost

    Purchase of Cheques
    Due to the fact that it is an inter-bank movement of funds, the transfer is a faster, more convenient and secure means of collecting payment than the cheque.

    Receipt of Transfers
    Due to the fact that it is an inter-bank movement of funds, the transfer is a faster, more convenient and secure means of collecting payment than the cheque.

    Management of electronic collections
    Sending of your files with information for electronic collections in LCR and RI.BA. formats via our network of offices and correspondent banks in France and Italy. You will have timely information about the receipt of payment deposits and greater control over unpaid receivables. 

       Find out more about the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)  


    We can manage your collections, financing them and with the option of debtor insolvency cover   more...   

    Why with    Banco Sabadell   ?

    • Manage all your outgoing and incoming payments through BS Online
    • We are leaders in the management of international collections and payments
    • We offer you made-to-measure financing

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  • Documents and utilities
    We provide information and utilities that may be of interest (Spanish only):

    Electronic collections with France – LCR System
    Electronic collections with Italy – RIBA System
    Credit After Final Payment

    Forms for sending electronic collection instruments(Spanish only):
    Collection of receivables drawn on France, LCR remittance
    Collection of receivables drawn on Italy, RIBA remittance

    Other products that may be of interest to you: