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Business Platinum Credit Card

Enjoy exclusive benefits

 Roadside assistance for card owners and vehicles
 Exclusive promotional offers for cardholders
  Global Customer Assistance Service
 Emergency international cash drawdown
  Pay and control all your expenses from your mobile phone
  Pay conveniently at the end of the month
 Access to the MasterCard Connect business intelligence platform
Platinum Credit Card
our most exclusive credit card

With our most exclusive credit card you have the best coverage worldwide and you will receive special promotional offers.

It includes the Global Customer Assistance service free of charge and international medical assistance to give you extra peace of mind when travelling abroad.

Exclusive benefits wherever you go

Travel is better with the Platinum credit card. Find out about the exclusive services and discounts offered worldwide:

  • Global Customer Assistance Service: Replacement of card within 48 hours and emergency cash drawdown when abroad
  • Special car rental service with significant discounts
  • Exclusive promotions for cardholders
Exclusive benefits wherever you go

Extra protection for you

With the Platinum credit card, you feel doubly protected. Because you have anti-fraud coverage, greater protection for your payments and a full range of insurance at no additional cost:

  • Roadside Assistance insurance (conditions detailed in the insurance policy)
     Medical expenses
      Extension of hotel stay due to illnesses or accidents
      Medical transfer of sick and injured people
      Towing of the vehicle in the event of breakdown or accident
      Transfer of insured people in the event of immobilisation of the vehicle.
  • Travel accident insurance on public transport up to €1,200,000 (detailed conditions in the insurance policy)
  • Everyday accident insurance up to €6,000 (detailed conditions in the insurance policy)
Extra protection for you

Safer than paying in cash

All our cards have the most advanced protection systems against theft or loss so that you can make your online and in-store purchases with complete peace of mind.

What's more, with dual-factor authentication, only you can use your card. And, whenever you need to, you can disable and enable your card from your mobile phone - even disable all online and foreign purchases!

Safer than paying in cash

Keep track of your expenses with a simple command

View all the transactions of your Platinum credit card at any time from your mobile phone. And choose how much you want to spend by simply changing the limit of your purchases or cash withdrawals at ATMs.

Keep track of your expenses with a simple command

Your card on your mobile phone

Did you leave your card at home? No problem, with your Platinum credit card you can:

  • Withdraw money from any Banco Sabadell ATM with your mobile phone using the Instant Money service, available in our app.
  • Pay with your mobile and send money with Sabadell Wallet.
  • View all your card details securely at a glance on your mobile phone for online purchases..
Your card on your mobile phone

More convenient and sustainable

Its vertical design fits better on your phone and incorporates degradable PVC to reduce its environmental footprint.

More convenient and sustainable

Card conditions
No issuance or maintenance fees for customers of the Expansion Account range.
Debit card issuance fee: €30. At the time of contracting.
Debit card maintenance fee: €30 a year. From the second year onwards.
Card printing fee for issuance and renewal with Instantcard: €10.
1. Conditions for contracting the Expansion Account: direct deposit of a salary or regular monthly income of a minimum amount of €700 or direct deposit of a pension. If you are between 18 and 29 years old, you can have an Expansion Account without direct deposit of your salary or regular income. Income from accounts opened with the Banco Sabadell Group in the name of the same account holder are excluded.