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Opening of import documentary credits

The best balance between buyer’s and seller’s obligations

The documentary credit allows you, as an importer, the security of your payment obligation only arising if the seller has complied with the terms and conditions expressed in the credit, which must be a reflection of what has been agreed in the contract with the supplier.

  • Solutions
    What are your needs?
    • Having the security that your payment obligation will arise when the seller has provided sufficient documentation accrediting the dispatch of the goods
    • Confirmation of your solvency to the Seller
    • Obtain deferment of payment from your provider
    • Adaptability to the sale agreement
    • Ensure maximum legal protection
    How can we help you?
    • Application for opening your credits using our BS Companies Online distance banking service
    • Immediate opening of your documentary credits
    • User-friendly, personalised and professional management of the same
    • Immediate revision of the documents by the best professional experts
    • Adhesion to the “Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP600)” of the International Chamber of Commerce provides a stable and secure universal reference framework for the processing of your documentary credits
    • Guarantee of payment for your supplier

    Why with   Banco Sabadell   ? 
    • We are leaders in the processing of documentary credits
    • Immediate issuing of the documentary credit
    • We help you ensure that the documentary credit responds to your needs as an importer
    • We offer made-to-measure financing
    • You can take out cover on your exchange risks

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  • Documents and utilities

    Guarantee and letter of credit– A multimedia guide for companies that want to make their business more secure. 

    Find out what benefits are offered for importer and exporter alike by a   documentary credit issued by Banco Sabadell(Only Spanish).

    Find out what benefits are offered for importer and exporter alike by a  “ Guide to filling out Applications ” (Only Spanish) will make it even simpler for you.

    If you prefer, at the following links you can download the application forms to be filled out and sent to your Banco Sabadell branch:
    - “ Application for opening of a documentary credit ”
    - “ Request for amendment of Documentary credit ”

    Uniform Practice and Customs for Documentary Credits: via the following link you can access a summary of the International Chamber of Commerce’s rules (Only Spanish) currently in force for Documentary Credits (UCP600). And via this linkyou can see a summary of the standard international banking practices for documentary credit.

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