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We finance:

  • the purchase or construction of premises
  • the construction and restoration of old properties destined for sale
  • operations that require, as guarantee, the mortgage of a property that already exists




The integral amount of the loan will be paid for:

  • loans for purchase
  • operations guarenteed by the mortgage of an existing property

and in instalments for:

  • construction and restoration of property

Deferral period

Exceptionally and if the client so requests, a maximum deferral period of two years can be included in the loan redemption plan, during which the quotas will only comprise the interest.

In the case of loans for construction or restoration, the recommended deferral period should be the same as the time forecast for the duration of the building work.

If the loans are conferred to developers for later sale, said maximum period will finalise in advance when the subrogation of the loan to the buyer occurs, and in no case can be more than two years.


This operation is formalised by notarial certification, based on a first mortgage guarantee, constituted on the property to be financed. The mortgage certificate is always registered in the Land Registry so that there is proof of the existing burden on the property. 


Internet queries and operations

From  BS Online  , on the general menu option All options > Financing > Loans and credits, there is information on the operations and queries that can be made:

General information on the loan contract, initial amount, amount pending, size of repayments, interest rate, maturity, etc.
Consult payments on the demand account related to the loan.
Apply to totally or partially pay back the loan, reducing the size of the loan repayments or the maturity.


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