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International presence

Consult our representative offices, subsidiaries and branches offices abroad.

Import remittances

Added security for the payment of your purchases from abroad

We take charge of the immediate notification and management of the acceptance and/or collection of remittances received from your suppliers abroad, in accordance with instructions received and with maximum speed

  • Solutions
    What are your needs?
    • Access to a more secure alternative than advance payment
    • Lower cost to that of a documentary credit
    • Allows reasonable control of delivery terms and conditions
    • Does not require you to have bank lines

    How can we help you?
    • We process the remittance received from your supplier or you bank and we deliver the documents to you in accordance with the instructions provided by the seller
    • User-friendly, professional and personalised management of the remittances charged to your account
    • We inform you punctually regarding the receipt of documents
    • Possibility of financing payment, according to your needs

    Why with Banco Sabadell? 
    • Immediate notification of the receipt of your import documents
    • We offer you made-to-measure financing
    • You can take out cover on your exchange rate risks

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